UNCANNY X-MEN #187-188 (1984)

Issues #187-188 close out the Dire Wraith war.

Rogue fights Dire Wraiths while trying to track down Storm, who has fled Forge’s sanctum and is running around depowered.

The wraiths are tracking Forge, because he’s making weapons that can hurt them, and when Storm sees one breaking into Forge’s house (as Storm is leaving), she turns around to go help him. 

Naze appears as well. He’s a shaman type who looks after Forge.

To survive, Storm teams up with Forge–despite that he gave SHIELD the neutralizer that sapped her abilities.

The rest of the X-Men are also fighting wraiths.  They’re fully in this war now. 

Magik and Sunspot guest star to help with the fight.

After the battle, Storm lets Forge live. For now.

The also a tribal elder named Naze converses with a demonic force that, in a few years, will be revealed as The Adversary.

ROM and Starshine guest star.

Meanwhile, Rachel Summers is confronting the reality of her father being alive in this timeline. And with the fact that her mother is not…

Professor X sees her version of the future, too…

Meanwhile, Captain Lee Forrester–who once had sex with Cyclops–finds Magneto in the ocean.

More excellent comics.

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