GHOST RIDER #37 (1993): Angel

Ghost Rider and Angel used to be in The Champions together. Of course, that was when Ghost Rider was Johnny Blaze and Angel wasn’t blue with razor-wings.

Angel seems to understand that this is a different Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider doesn’t seem to care about Angel much because, y’know, Ghost Rider is waaaaaaay more powerful that Warren.

This issue, and several of those that come before/after are really about HEART Corps member Tyler Meagher.

Heart Attack (Tyler’s alter ego) had been misled by a corrupt “firm” into believing Ghost Rider had killed all the other members of the HEART team.  Once she learns the truth, she decides to leave Ghost Rider alone and fight the Firm. 

The big reveal is that this evil Firm that’s been hunting Ghost Rider for two years of comics is actually run by Centurious, the Man With No Soul, who imprisoned Zarathos (the demon who possessed Johnny Blaze but NOT the one who manifests as the current, Danny Ketch Ghost Rider) in the final issue of the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider comic.  And he defeats Heart Attack, imprisoning her the same way he did Zarathos.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah- skip all the crap and just give us thirty pages of the Angel and Johnny Blaze ( whom the Angel used to call “JB” ) catching up! Keep It Simple, Stupid!


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