Punisher #85-88; Punisher War Journal #61-64; Punisher War Zone #23-25 (1993-1994)

I guess if Ghost Rider and the muties can do it, why can’t Punisher have a big cross-over event?  I mean, it’s easier for him to arrange the schedule because he owns, on his lonesome, THREE monthly books.

Gotta love the ’90s.

So, this post covers the following issues:

  • Punisher #85-88
  • Punisher War Journal #61-64
  • Punisher War Zone #23-25

Here’s the story: Punisher tries to kill a whole bunch of mob leaders by literally dropping a building on them, and himself. That’s why it’s a suicide run.

He’s seriously injured and believed dead, which motivates a whole bunch of wannabe Punisher types rise up to fill the void he left behind.

Unlike many ’90s events, this one is actually good.  It’s a good idea, and the execution is fun.  And not just because of the dude with a gatling gun for an arm…

There’s a wide variety of new vigiliantes, including a yuppie, a gangster’s kid, even a genuine black guy (not Frank Castle with blackened skin).

And Lady Punisher.

Nearly all (except for Lynn Michaels) are nonrecurring characters, so I haven’t tagged them.

When he “died,” Pun was being pursued by VIGIL, a special brand of cops dedicated to taking him in.  So you can imagine how all the new Punishers confuses VIGIL’s mission.

In his injured state, Frank Castle doesn’t remember who he is.

Until the end, when he gets his gear back on.

And once he’s back, he kicks some ass.

Simple story, but a good one.

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