Namor #10-12 (1991): Invaders reunite

The Invaders reunite.

In the real world, this was when Ronald Reagan helped usher in Germany’s reunification by tearing down the wall between East/West Germany, and Captain America shows some pretty crisp xenophobia about it.

Of course, his fears are founded.  As a result of the reunification, Nazi’s (including Master Man) kidnap the original Human Torch and Namor, and revive old Invader foe Warrior Woman.

During the adventure, Spitfire is hurt and gets an infusion of blood from the original Human Torch (whose android blood apparently can support human life—and gives Spitfire his powers), so in the end original Human Torch is left powerless and Johnny Storm makes a guest appearance to light a memorial for him (they decide to let the world believe original Torch is dead).

Also in issue #10…

…Byrne continues to develop what looks like the return, from the dead, of Iron Fist—a character he helped create.

This subplot is completely unrelated to Namor and it’s been simmering for a while.  Hope it cooks soon.

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