X-MEN #74-75 (1998)

Abomination now shares the sewers with the Morlocks. Or I should say, he doesn’t share. He just lives there too. So when Angel goes to track down Marrow, there’s a bit of a hubub.

That’s the main story in #74, but in that same issue we see Wolverine continuing to investigate local murders in Salem that appear to have been committed buy Maggott’s slugs. But of course it wasn’t her. It was a slave of N’Garai demons named Pilgrimm.

That’s him on the cover of #75. The interior art is very hard to follow and there’s no real good shot of Pilgrimm. Or much of anything. Like, here’s Jubilee on the launch end of a fastball special, but it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

Pilgrimm is a shapeshifter, because when the X-Men return home–randomly returning in Las Vegas–from the N’Gari dimension, Pilgrimm has taken on a new form…

But we don’t see him much in the future. Yet another x-plot dangler that goes nowhere.

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