Justice League #6-7 (Oct. 1987): 1st Justice League International

Note: These posts reprint material, without change, from an old depublished site. It was first published in 2016.


A simmering subplot around a character called The Gray Man comes to a full boil.  The dude can force people to do his will (like The Purple Man, curiously) so we get to see Martian Manhunter knock out Shazam.  But more importantly, Guy Radner continues to provide the comic relief (above), as, dazed and recovering from Batman’s knockout punch in issue #5, he gets scared by a mouse and beaten up by a desk.


This is the last issue of “Justice League.”  The team (and the title of the comic), partly due to Maxwell Lord’s manipulations, becomes rechristened “Justice League International” and now is led by an alien and brings the Russian version of Iron Man, Rocket Red, into their ranks.

Also, Captain Atom joins the group and Mr. Miracle’s agent Oberon goes to work for Maxwell Lord.


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