GOTHAM CENTRAL #23-27 (2004-2005)

Christ Michael Lark can draw action. I’d rather read this than see most movies.

Check out this cool trophy room!

Issue #24 was the first issue of Gotham Central to brag about being an Eisner-winner on the cover…

Then, in #25…


If you’re looking for “iconic moments” in Gotham Central, this is one of them.  The head of the GCPD decides he’s done relying on Batman, so he takes down the Bat Signal.  This upsets Batman, who confronts him in a parking lot.


I love this because it shows Batman irritated–which almost never happens.  And plus, he is defeated in the art of conversation.  Great issue to launch the third year of the series.


And finally, from these issues, is this sequence, which says something I’ve always wondered about.

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