Marvel Holiday Special (1993 or 1994)

Another anthology issue that gives Marvel an excuse to run 10-15 page sentimental stories that may or many not contain canonical appearances of an actual Santa Claus.

Super confusing: There were TWO 1994 Marvel Holiday specials. This one was published in January with no year in the title but actually came out in December 1993. Another was published in December ’94 and was actually titled the 1994 Holiday Special. You can find it here. So this may have been intended as the 1993 special.

Most of these are straightforward stories. Spider-Man protects an angel from Mephisto. Howard Chaykin tries to infuse Nick Fury with the Christmas spirit.

Tom DeFalco and Mark Gruenwald appear in a Gift of the Magi story.

Captain Ultra fights “Mud Pi.” Why they created a Man-Thing stand-in instead of using Man-Thing or Glob is beyond me. Ghost Rider gets a spot to help sell his comic. Hulk feels sentimental about Betty Ross.

In all, a meh group of tales.

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