THUNDERBOLTS #27-30 (1999)

Graviton is back. He gives some San Franciso ruffians the ability to fly–and steal–thereby creating his own cult following.

The Thunderbolts decide to go investigate. For transport, Hawkeye pulls the “Champscraft” (used by the Champions) out of mothballs…

…But Angel thinks they’re stealing it, so we get a brief fight between heroes…

…before Angel teams up with Thunderbolts to go after Graviton.

The team is losing the battle, but Jolt and Charcoal–who are supposed to be attending school–stowed away for the adventure.

While his team heads to California, Eric Josten visits with Dallas Riordan in prison, just in time for her to be broken out by a mysterious group of operators.

Meanwhile, Edwin Cord decides to hire USAgent and The Jury (who are now basically USAgent’s team) to kidnap the Thunderbolts. His reasons aren’t clear, but I’m assuming he’s also the dude behind the breakout of Dallas.

While the team is held captive, we see that Graviton is making the most of being a cult leader.

He crushes on Moonstone, but she rejects him.

In a major way. Jolt and Charcoal free the team, with the help of X-51.

They seemingly defeat Graviton, but he shouts…

And kind of explodes with power.

After that, he collapses in on himself and ends up in a void, where he is visited by a mysterious figure…

…We will learn, in twenty issues, that the figure is M’Reel. He’s from an interdimensional race that worships Graviton.

The team returns home for some cleanup/personal stuff. Charcoal gets a new costume.

…And then gets kidnapped.

And then Moonstone kisses Clint after a training exercise. And it gets pretty racy…

In the meantime, Citizen V is hunting Crimson Cowl.

So we’re set up for next issue: Citizen V is still running around (it’s really Dallas Riordan trying to get revenge on Justine Hammer for setting her up for the crimes Hammer committed as Crimson Cowl), and Charcoal has been taken.

Another great story from one of the best Marvel titles on the stands in 1999.

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