LIFEFORM: Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk, Silver Surfer Annuals (1990)

The Lifeforms story took place over four titles that seem to not go together: Punisher, a street-level book that usually doesn’t touch the 616; Daredevil, a character-driven series that, at the time, was mostly about the occult; Hulk–a traditional superhero title; and the cosmic Silver Surfer.

An AIM soldier is mutated into a monster. Punisher kills him. Or thinks he does.

The Lifeform returns in Daredevil’s annual, where DD and some of his cast fight it. Like Typhoid Mary.

And then Hulk.

Silver Surfer the fights him…

…and gets to solve the problem by dumping Lifeform on another planet.

These stories are fairly self-contained–the through-line being that the Lifeform can’t die.

These are entertaining enough. I dug the story.

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