AVENGERS #7 (1964): 1st Rick Jones as Bucky

Iron Man ignored an “Assemble!” call so he gets suspended for a week.  

These kind of disciplinary moments are always intriguing to me.

Then Asgardians Enchantress and Executioner team up with Baron Zemo to invade Earth. And it’s Odin’s fault.

He banished the duo, sending them to Midgard.

Nice going Odin.

Enchantress seduces Thor, makes him fight his teammates, which forces Iron Man to violate the week-long suspension and join the battle.

Meanwhile Captain America tracks Zemo to a hidden jungle base and attacks him there.

I kind of like Cap going solo because, let’s face it, he shouldn’t be able to do very much against the likes of Thor or Executioner.

Cap is successful in his solo mission and heads home. When he gets there, Executioner dispatches him with a single blow, and the villains escape.

Also in this issue: The constantly annoying Rick Jones puts on the Bucky uniform for the first time.

Cap is not amused. Even though he was all mopey just a few seconds earlier….

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