X-MEN #56: Introducing Neal Adams!


Check out the credit box on the splash page.  While this was Neal Adams’ first Marvel comic, he’d actually been around for a long time—having worked on the syndicated Ben Casey strip, and a bunch of books for Warren and DC.  But until you’ve done Marvel, you don’t exist.  At least that’s how Stan Lee sees it.  Anyway, this is his debut for Marvel and … Wow.


Look how he illustrates Marvel Girl’s use of her powers.  Nobody had done that before.  It’s not just a great way to depict mental powers, but it’s beautiful.  I mean, suitable-for-framing beautiful.  As for the writing, we see Jean Grey becoming a much more important character and the Living Pharoah becomes the much-more-interesting Living Monolith. 

Great comic all around!

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