Sensational She-Hulk #51-57 (1993): To Die and Live in L.A.

After a fill-in issue that’s a pretty forced attempt to break the fourth wall (She-Hulk reads an old own comic from her first series, Savage She-Hulk), we get a six-issue arc titled, “To Die and Live in L.A.”  See how they flipped that?  Cool.

See how #53’s cover is a tribute to a classic Amazing Spider-Man cover?

Well, everything else in this arc is derivative—and inferior—as well.  She-Hulk has underwear fights, breaks the fourth wall, has brief meetings with about a dozen guest stars, fights Hulk, etc.

Actually, there is one potentially interesting thing: She-Hulk dies and gets revived by a mega-gamma blast.

But instead of this foreshadowing the most excellent 2020 Immortal Hulk series, the concept is wasted with more pointless fourth-wall breaking when she comes back as a ghost.

Then she gets ressurected.

Self-satire can devolve into unintentional self-denigration, and that’s what happens here.  Any potentially interesting ideas are undercut by She-Hulk’s own, constant complaining that the very comic you’re reading is crap.

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