A truly bizarre Hulk story by Danny Fingeroth and Vince Evans, but I like that it adds to my growing posts tagged “Trenchcoat Disguises in Comics.”  But beyond that, it’s weird as hell.  Hulk, in his Mr. Fixit days, wanders into a town where a kid lifts weights because he wants to be Hulk while another guy invents a powerful suit of armor and wants to kill Hulk for destroying homes nearby when he was in his rampaging days.

The kid turns out to be a bully–beating up other kids like he’s seen Hulk beat people up on TV–but then by the end learns that Hulks jerky and stops being a bully.

Morality plays certainly aren’t new to comics–in particular anthology comics–but it’s odd to see the kid being a bully instead of being bullied himself.

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