Spirits of Vengeance #7-8 (1993)

Two separate stories in these issues, one main story and one back-up.  The first story picks up from last issue, with Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze bringing Deathwatch and his cronies to Blaze’s carnival, where they intend to hold them as prisoners.

When they get there, Steel Vengeance and her sister Steel Wind attack, trying to free Deathwatch, and Mephisto arrives, kidnaps Blaze and Ghost Rider, and gets them to help him look for a “soul crystal” that will prevent all the various Hell dimensions from merging.  This enables the Steel Sisters to easily free Deathwatch and company.

So basically, story one sets up a “Soul Crystal” quest that forms the basis for a partnership between Blaze, Ghost Rider and Mephisto, and also undoes the prior story by setting Deathwatch free again.

Story #2 has Ghost Rider fighting generic monsters.  The only really nice thing about having this second story is that we get art by both Kuberts.

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