KINGS OF PAIN: New Mutants, New Warriors, X-Men, X-Factor Annuals (1991)

Marvel’s main mutant titles and the mutant-adjacent New Warriors joined annuals in 1991 to tell the tale of Proteus’ return. Gideon and Toad lead a huge, ragtag bunch of criminals who learn of how powerful Proteus was and seek to resurrect him. And they’re using Genentech technology–hence the New Warriors tie-in.

There’s really not much more to say about this inconsequential and poorly told story with a cast that’s about as big as Secret Wars.

Well, not totally inconsequential. We learn that Harness, who walks her partner Piecemeal around on a leash, is actually also the mother of Piecemeal.

Is that a consequence? Probably not, actually.

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