X-MEN: THE HIDDEN YEARS #10-15 (2000-2001)

The initial story here is a Sentinels one.

A little mutant girl has stumbled upon the last sentinel and she is able to control it with her powers at first. Then, when it loses control, she destroys it.

It’s over pretty quickly. But there are several other overlapping story. First, another team discovers an abandoned boat full of freakish mutants.

And they want to capture the X-Men ans sell them to Blob, Unus and Mastermind.

Blob is really living his best life.

Disturbingly, Blob gets to rape Jean Grey who is influenced by Mastermind into thinking he is Cyclops.

Jean really should be allowed to telekinetically pull Blob’s flesh off his skeleton for that. Blob has never been this evil before. It feels out of character.

Angel arrives to help free his comrades, but the whole rape thing is basically ignored. I guess that’s as it should be.

But really, the most important plotline through these issues is Magneto. He’s in the Savage Land with Amphibus, Sauron, and Iceman, who is there looking for the X-Men (who in turn finished their Savage Land story many issues ago).

Havok and Polaris are still there, too.

Sauron likes tight-fittin’ jeans.

Oh, and so is Namor. He finds Magneto after he gets knocked out–and that story leads directly into Fantastic Four #102. So these issues fill that gap for us readers.

It also means everyone is out of the Savage Land.

But as noted above, that’s not quite the end! Because there are about a half-dozen other subplots through these issues. They’re jam-packed. In some ways, that’s cool–but in others it feels jammed and overcrowded.

Anyway, this story ends with Angel’s mommy showing up.

And dies.

She’s killed by Burtram, aka Dazzler, but not the one who sings. The evil one. This guy:

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