SOLDIER X #7-8 (2003)

Not sure why Cable is made to look like a James Bond villain on this cover.

Anyway, this arc makes a nice parallel to the great stuff Dan Jurgens was doing in Thor at the time. In that series, Thor creates a Church of Asgard because he wants to be worshipped. Here, Cable happens upon a village in Kashmire where a dictator wants absolute power. With his new, seemingly unlimited abilities, Cable does things like turn a warlord into a living atom bomb and offering a solider the power of flight but making him a grotesque monster at the same time.

Presumably to give the occupying army the power it wants but with consequences.

This all impresses billionaire Jackie Singapore so much that he decides to make a church of Cable. Oddly, like Thor, Cable agrees.

The book then flashes forward three thousand years, where Nathan’s disciples are still spreading the name of Askani–thus offering a happy ending to this series.

Huh??!? The Cable character has been dark and broody since his inception and now we get a happy ending?! That’s actual growth! That’s unheard of!

Yes, it is unheard of. Which is why this is NOT the last issue of this series. This brilliant creative team steps off, and the next arc will be back to violence and mayhem.

Oh well.

And speaking of the creative team, they appear as future Askani on the last page.

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