AVENGERS #204-205 (1981)

Look down at the credits, below, and see how many people it took to create this story.  It should be great, right?

Only it’s a Yellow  Claw story.

It starts with Hawkeye leaving the team to become Chief of Security for Cross Technological Enterprises.  So leaving public service for the private sector.

Then, the team learns that Yellow Claw has a bizarre (and dumb) scheme…

He will sterilize every man on Earth and impregnate a bunch of women so that only his children will be born.

Not a great way for Dave M. to end an otherwise solid run on this book.  I did like this little sequence:

But not how dumb Wasp sounds here…

And Vision’s closing speech is heavy as Hell.

Creators: Bob Budiansky (plot), Jim Shooter (taking plot credit for #204 only), David Michelinie (script), Don Newton (pencils #204), Alan Kupperberg (pencils #205)

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