Amazing Spider-Man #306 (1988)

For the last few issues, there have been increasing scenes of domestic bliss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane, which is really nice.  I can’t think of a couple in comics at the time (or now), who are genuinely happy for each other.  Even the “family” book of Fantastic Four had constant break-ups, Namor horning in, and Reed Richards being an absent husband and an all-around dick.  So this is nice.

But now Black Cat is showing up at Peter’s old apartment, so things should be getting…Interesting.

For the “action” part of the book, it’s pretty low-key. 

Humbug returns, trying to rob ESU but he’s wholly incompetent and doesn’t take up a lot of Spider-Man’s time.  No, this is really more of a Peter Parker issue.


And….Issue #306 has my favorite Todd MacFarlane cover!  This issue came out while DC was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first superhero, Superman, and Marvel generously let McFarlane do this amazing tribute on the cover.

Check out the cute little signature block!

There’s also a scene in the issue where Mary Jane buys Peter Parker a valuable issue of Action Comics.  Nice!

And the fun goes on even longer–on the letters page, Jim Salicrup takes a pause to honor Superman (and pitch a Stan Lee appearance as well)…

And, finally, the last panel is a prelude to next issue’s villain, which will be Chameleon.

At this time, Amazing was a biweekly book.  It’s amazing that Todd McFarlane can maintain high quality and put out over 60 pages a month, no filler.

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