MOON KNIGHT #6 (1981)


Steven Grant takes his gang for a vacation to the Carribean, where they meet zombies.  Actually….

It’s never clear if there are real monsters or just fakes.

Prior issues of Moon Knight have hinted at ghosts and the supernatural, but this is the first one where it’s legit happening (or it seems to be anyway).  There’s voodoo on the cover.

One of the weaknesses of this title is a lack of center. I do like that Moench never fully clarifies or reveals whether Koshnu actually brought Marc Spector back from the dead, or whether it was just an hallucination, but sometimes the book walks too fine a line between street-level grit and high-concept horror, and the result is just kind of a confused mess.  This was just such an issue.

Still, in all, above average.

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