Spider-Man and Scarlet team up against the sorcerer Xandu.

And it starts with him singing the Spider-Man Animated show theme song.


Meanwhile, Wanda is sunbathing.

When she is interrupted by a duck.

And Xandu.

She tries to fight him off.

But fails.

Xandu possesses Scarlet Witch because…

…That’s something that always seems to happen to her.

I really should have created a tag for it. Her body becomes the host for Xandu’s dead girlfriend.


Wanda’s soul reclaims her body…

…And convinces Xandu’s lover to stop the madness.

And of course all is well in the end.

It’s a solid story with really good art, but the real reason to read this issue is story #2: A really good Dr. Strange tale by Roger Stern, one of the few guys who really “got” the character–with wonderful art by Charles Vess.


This is the first time this comic has been essential reading.

In the tale, Strange meets Ian McNee, an amateur sorcerer, who arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum to challenge Dr. Strange’s “Supreme” title. McNee will return in 30 years for a bunch of stories.

Both stories are very good, with the second one actually being great.

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