SCARLET WITCH #1-4 (1994)

Marvel was so excited about this series, they gave it a half page–top of the page–in Marvel Age.  And I, too, got excited when I saw it was written by Abnett and Lanning, who were doing really good work with Punisher (and at a time when the character was overexposed and most of his issues sucked).

Sadly, this was far from anyone’s best work.

Why? Because it emphasizes the genuine magic aspects of the character over the fact that she’s a mutant who has chaos abilities.

She and Agatha Harkness work with some West Coast Avengers to fight off an interdimensional invasion and Master Pandemonium.  What????, you ask, because we all thought he was dead…

Wanda’s friends get possessed. None of this matters or is any fun.

Even the character moments are stupid and awkward.

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