Dazzler #18-19 (1982)

I love me some Absorbing Man, so just by having him in these issues I’m reading more closely.  But so much more happens!  Dazzler jams with the Fantastic Four (although have you ever heard a band with just vocals, sax and guitar?).

Then Reed Richards gives her a modified Walkman that creates “super sound” levels, so her powers will be amplified.

Dazzler isn’t really a super hero, even though she’s taken on Galactus, so she says “ugh.”  But she still takes it.

And it’s a good thing, too, because Crusher Creel has plans to kidnap her.  Meanwhile, Angel is still stalking her, and now he’s following her through her family.

Seriously, Warren, this has got to stop.

Unfortunately, Dazzler’s souped up tape player gives her souped up power that gets absorbed by Creel, so he becomes souped up.  Dazz calls The Inhumans for help, Black Bolt comes and gives her some truly souped up powers…

…and that puts Creel over the edge.

Interesting to see Black Bolt vs. Absorbing Man.  Decades later, in 2017, Marvel would produce a Black Bolt solo book where Absorbing Man was a major character.

That Black Bolt series was a great comic—I highly recommend it.

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