AVENGERS #12 (1965)

“This Hostage Earth” pits (pun intended) the A-team against Mole Man and the Moloids.(Get it? Pits them against Mole Man? A guy who lives underground? Hello? Is this thing on?)

Thor is not amused. Ants make Hank Pym aware of the threat and he’s like, come on dude, I’m a prince of Asgard. Ants are not the boss of me.

I kind of agree with Thor here. It seems ridiculous that the entire team is needed to beat this dude, especially when he doesn’t even have a giant monster to help him (as he did in Fantastic Four #1). 

And I love how Cap warns Thor against pissing off Giant-Man. Because of course Thor would kick his ass with no problem. I’m reminded that clone-Thor killed another version of Giant Man…

And as for his threat level, later in this issue Giant-Man is kidnapped by Mole Man and the Avengers rescue him.

Before they can rescue him, they have to stop bickering.

And use “transistorized fox-hole diggers.”

Mole Man has a plan to destroy the world.

See? It hurts the ants first. That’s why they asked Hank for help.

Eventually, the Avengers save the day.

Side note: I think this is the only issue where Moloids are shown to be capable of rational thought.

Oh, wait.  That’s IRON MAN’s thought bubble.  Typo!

Oh, and there’s a letter from George RR “Game of Thrones” Martin!  His first published work!

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