X-FORCE #114-115 (2001): Epitaph

Remember when X-Force died in a big explosion?

Of course they didn’t die.

Jesse Bedlam used his forcefield power to protect them, and now that the world believes they are dead they can really go all out in the war against the war against mutants. They blow stuff up but don’t kill anyone.

Meanwhile, Romany Wisdom knows they’re alive and keeps trying to kill them. She is trying to rebuild the human race with mutant genetics and appears to die at the end of the issue (she’s not dead). Oh, and Pete Wisdom is still alive (dang it).

Basically, this is an “X-Force as international terrorists” arc–albeit, they are committing violence in the name of mutants, which we, as readers, are led to believe is a positive cause. But terrorism is terrorism.

The team disbands at the end of the story, but the series is not cancelled. It will reboot in a major way next issue, and the reboot will be one of the best comics of its time.

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