Excalibur #8 (1989)

Nothing against Ron Lim, but he jumps in for a guest spot—replacing Alan Davis—and the book immediately takes a downturn.  Or, just as likely, it could be that this is just a mop-up after Inferno and it’s annoying to watch writer Chris Claremont “rearrange the pieces” post-event.  Events can be disruptive.

Nothing really important in this issue.  Rachel Summers is now in full Phoenix mode and spies on her alternate universe parents.  Alternate universes will become the entire theme of this comic.

Captain Britain and Nightcrawler appear to have diminished abilities post-Inferno (I don’t understand why).

And everyone still thinks the original X-Men are dead.  I thought that would have been fixed by Inferno, but it’s not.

Oh, almost forgot…

Lois and Clark!

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