X-MEN #62-64 (1997)

Shang Chi guest stars! I put an exclamation point there because I thought maybe that would be cool.

It wasn’t.

Shang Chi goes to a Scottish castle and fights some Fu Manchu guards. Then Wolverine shows up and scares the bad ninjas away.

Naturally, they fight.

Storm breaks it up.

Turns out, Fu Manchu had some kind of potion that the X-Men think can stop the legacy virus, and the man who knows about it lives at this castle. As for Shang Chi, he was there because an old friend summoned him there. Yeah, the friend and the guy who knows stuff are the same person.

From there, it’s a quest for the elixir–and turns out Kingpin is involved because he took over some of Fu Manchu’s crime operations after he died.

You know how we know that? Because Bullpen Bulletins told us!

And so did Kingpin himself…

And in the end, rather than let Kingpin have it, Storm destroys the potion.

And everyone leaves.

So that was pointless.

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