TALES OF SUSPENSE #40 (1963): 1st Marianne Rogers and Iron Man Rollerskates

Right on the cover and splash page we see that Iron Man’s drab grey steel is now yellow.  But before the color change, we see how the millionaire has enduring effects from his injuries last issue:

He’s unable to swim with hotties.

He has to plug himself in.

And he scares little kids.

Thus the requisite “suffering” aspect of the hero is established–the staple of Marvel characters.

His girfriend Marianne tells him to change his armor.

And so…

“Leave it to a woman.”  Yes.  Once again, a new costume is designed by a female.

Marianne Rogers will end up as an ESPer agent of SHIELD having psychic powers.

More than half of this story is about Tony changing his costume.  I really like that.  It’s very different from other books on the market.

In the process of his tech redesign, he also makes something for the army:

As for the cover story about a giant with a big club, the less said about it the better.

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