Doctor Strange–hiding in a pocket dimension with Sister Nil–recounts his history with Clea across three stories. It also includes flashbacks of members of the Midnight Sons. It’s a very nice way to handle an anthology book like this.

It starts with an early meeting, where they take one a vampire cult. Marie Severin does her best variation on Steve Ditko.

Then we move to a meeting with Morbius and Blade that has been forgotten because…

…Clea cast an amnesia spell. Not only that but she administers the death blow…

Nice to see Clea as the hero, rather than the hostage.

That’s Gene Colan’s art, of course, paired with Dave Simons–who inked Colan’s run on Howard the Duck.

And finally, the original Ghost Rider gets some facetime.

This could have been an excuse to throw some reprints in, but instead it’s all originals–but with some classic creators like Marie Severin and Gene Colan. The whole issue is written by David Quinn–who is definitely one of the best of Marvel’s writers at this time.

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