This comic is valued highly because of its cover, which has been the source of several tributes. The original is by Jim Steranko. Here’s Ron Wilson:

The interior art is Marie Severin, who drew for magazines like Mad and Crazy. Her style is definitely on the cartoony side, but it’s distinctive and works well with Hulk.

the story is fairly simple. Wandering through the Himalayas, Hulk stumbles on Attilan.

No. Wait. He’s in the Alps?

This is a fairly well known typo. Atillan is definitely in the Himalayas.

Some story follows that doesn’t matter. It involves Maximus and an alliance of evil Inhumans.

The star of this story is the fight between Hulk and Black Bolt.

Black Bolt uses his voice to bring the fight to closure.

As I mentioned above, the cover is a classic. It’s that cover, not the inside content, that has this book valued at $1,000 in near mint condition.

The issue had a pin-up…

Here’s some other tributes to the cover…

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