Power Man & Iron Fist #63-64 (1980)

Two of Cage’s enemies find out that he lives about D.W. Griffith’s theater and so they blow it up, nearly killing D.W.  And ripping Luke’s shirt, of course.  

The rest of the story is Luke and Danny hunting them down and bringing them to justice.

During it, Iron Fist goes “undercover.”  Which means he wears a hat and a somewhat-buttoned trenchcoat.  Nevertheless, one can still see his mask and his chest tattoo.

As you can see from the tag below, trenchcoat disguises are a thing.

I really like that panel.

And Luke gets shot.

Also: Is it racist to describe Luke as an animal?

Bob Diamond is still working out with Iron Fist.

And DW Griffith’s theater gets destroyed in this story–maybe meaning the end of the long-running “broken soda machine” gag.

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