THOR #26-27 (2000)

Thor vs. Absorbing Man, with a cover by Mike Mignola. I mean, regardless of your thoughts about Dan Jurgens’ run on Thor (and mine and generally positive), you have to admit that very little can go wrong here.

Thor and his Rigellian recorder the Recorder return to Asgard to find Odin sleeping in his Odinsleep, and Sif temporarily in charge.

On Earth, Crusher Creel’s woman, Titania, is dying in the hospital.

And of course it’s the hospital where Jake Olson works (Thor’s alter ego during this era). Jane Foster works there, too. Creel gets angry because they don’t give Titania the care he feels she needs, so he kidnaps Jane. Iron Man gives an assist, helping track Jane Foster. Yodda yodda big fight.

In the end, Absorbing Man lets Jane go so that Thor can take Titania and Jane back to the hospital for care.

Yeah, overall it’s pretty standard as far as the story goes, but Absorbing Man is always a fun villain, and I do like his ongoing romance with Titania.

The cherry on the top is the issue of accessibility to–and trust in–health care. Denzel should play Absorbing Man in the movie version of this story.

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