Deadpool #28-33 (1999): Joe Kelly run ends; Deadpool dies

Bullseye is back.

Deadpool is hired to protect a woman who Bullseye is hired to kill. She’s Deadpool’s ex-wife. Or at least she was, back when he was Wade Wilson.

Bullseye and Deadpool fight.

It’s a teary reunion when he reveals his true identity.

It actually is kind of sad–and serious.


Joe Kelly ends his time on Deadpool with an extremely psychologically complex arc, showing the depth of Wade Wilson’s denial and the horrors of his past.  Spoilers abound below, so if you don’t want to get this story ruined–and you really should read it for yourself–stop reading now.

Okay, now that the kids are out of the room…

We learn that Mercedes Wilson was raped in front of him, and he was left broken and alive.  This is the cause of all his mental damage, it seems–all of his distance and self-protective humor.

We then learn that T-Ray was the man responsible for it.

Deadpool doesn’t understand how she is still alive, since in his memory T-Ray killed her. So he runs tests on her, learning she is authentic–not a clone. Meanwhile, Montgomery Burns of Landau Luckman and Lake can not find any record that Wade Wilson was ever married in the first place.

Her memory is also jumbled, but she seems to care for Wade. And she wants him to kill T-Ray.

The mystery deepens. And although it is serious, it’s not without humor…

Black…Talon has a zombie army for Deadpool to fight.

T-Ray–who claims to be the real Wade Wilson–torments Deadpool with images of his victims.

And as the final punchline: It is all reversed. We’ve been lied to for this whole story.


It was Deadpool who broke into T-Ray’s home, killed his wife, and left T-Ray alive.  We thought he was the hero, but all along Deadpool has been a horrible villain in desperate need of atonement.

And then comes…Thanos.

He cannot find his beloved Death because she is with Wade, who is killed by T-Ray.

Yes. For his final issue, Joe Kelly kills Deadpool…For thirty days, until the next writer comes along.

Such a great way to end an arc.

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