Marc Spector: Moon Knight #58-60 (1994): Series Ends

It’s over.  At last.

This comic has become a steaming pile of mystical mumbo jumbo that is impossible to understand, and then occasionally alternates into a Batman clone (Moon Knight’s secret identity’s company is called “SpecterCorp” and he has gotten a Moon Mobile in recent issues).

All this mysticism confirmed that Moon Knight did in fact die and was resurrected by Koshnu the Moon God–which eliminated one of the most interesting things about the character: His seeming obsession with his own resurrection, despite there being any real evidence of his having any occult powers (with mental illness being just as likely the cause of his many “visions”).

Then, he was changed from a violent, street-level character to an Avenger, and his supporting cast became either super-powered (kinda) or action stars. Like Frenchie:

And Marlene:

And his housekeeper, Chloe Tran, who turns out to be another Knight of Templar (like the Mickey Mouse Club for Moon Knight and Khonshu).

Doug Moench’s original vision was that Moon Knight relied on normal people to keep him grounded in reality).

And as a final parting gift, this comic ruins the only thing left makes Moon Knight special by “unifying” his personalities.

I love this character and did not love this comic, but it did have a few high points. The last couple years were NOT those high points. Here’s the final panel:


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