CAPTAIN AMERICA #409-410 (1992): Diamondback gets Cap’s blood

Now that Cap is done being a werewolf, we can get back to the Diamondback storyline.  Cap gets help from Dr. Druid tracking down his kinda-girlfriend.  Druid mystically ascertains her location, and Cap and Falcon spring into action.

Why is Falcon flying from the kitchen to the living room?

She’s being held by Red Skull, who has some vials of Captain America’s blood and wants to see if he can duplicate the super soldier experiment.  Diamondback will be the guinea pig.

If Red Skull and his minions can stop bickering among themselves. Skull really needs to dump the green bathrobe. Or at least wear a longer one.

Mother Night apparently has a conscience. She bares her soul to Machinesmith saying she regrets having to kill Cutthroat.

In her confused emotional state, she goes to see Diamonback in her cell and DB attacks her and takes her clothes. Note that she has the power to get free because of the super soldier infusion that Skull gave her. Nice irony.

And we’re reminded that Captain America’s series isn’t really tying into the Infinity War. So, we get an Infinity tie-in that ties in by saying it doesn’t tie in. Nicely done, Mark G. (Remember that is D-Man fighting his doppleganger, above and underwater–not Wolverine.)

Blackwing pursues.

And she knocks him out.

Then, Jack O’Lantern takes up chase.

And she gets recaptured.

Which is lame. All that escape stuff was for nothing.

At the same time, Cap and Falcon reach her, mostly because she signaled them while she was free–not because Dr. Druid is a competent magician.

And now it’s time for the big battle, which takes on almost all of #410.

Crossbow is a cagey brawler. Also this happens:

I think that’s a funny scene. But Captain America does NOT.

Still, he’s smart enough not to lecture his girlfriend who was captured, held hostage by scary psychos, and forced to get an experimental blood infusion.

So by the end of these issues, Diamondback has received Cap’s blood and it has, in fact, given her a power boost. Which makes her the Captain America version of She-Hulk, right?

They never do a whole lot with this idea, which is too bad.

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