Hulk #374-375 (1990)

“Thing” knocks out Rick Jones and then turns into a little girl.

It’s part of a siege–skrulls messing with Rick to discover whether he can still access Captain Mar-Vell’s power.

Meanwhile, Betty shares Rick’s autobiography, Sidekick, with Hulk, who doesn’t want to read it and wants Arnold Schwarzennegar to play him in the movie.

Meanwhile, the skrulls torture Rick.  Eventually, of course, Hulk goes and rescues him and there’s a nice Hulk vs. Super Skrull fight.

Meanwhile, Peter David—because he’s so dang brilliant—has added green Hulk to the battle for Hulk’s psyche, and he’s folded in Banner’s having been abused as a child to explain the three personalities: He’s actually suffering from multiple personalities due to his father’s abuse—Hulk (Hulks) is not a separate being, he’s just part of this disorder.

More great writing from Peter David.

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