Morbius the Living Vampire #5-9 and Doctor Strange #51-53 (1993): Victor Slaughter becomes a vampire

I am blowing through a bunch of Morbius issues here because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. Across #5-9, Morbius looks for a cure, fights various monsters, eats criminals, etc. Then his enemy Simon Stroud hires a new character, Vic Slaughter, to kill him.

Morbius bites Slaughter, who re-emerges as a vampire.

On to the Doctor Strange issues, which weave through the Morbius issues and also have references to the Secret Defenders’ first arc.

Doctor Strange #51 is mostly a Rintrah solo story(!), which ends with him getting seriously injured and then…We don’t hear about it for a bit. Instead, we get a Morbius tie-in that starts in Morbius #9, which starts with a dream…

In his dreams he wants to vampire-ize Martine.

Hm. Kinda hot.

Morbius finds himself in a horror dream because he eats a junkie high on “jazz” and that makes him fall asleep.  Which means Nightmare can enter his psyche, which in turn leads directly into a crossover with Doctor Strange, where he and Morbius team up against the dream villain.  Surprisingly little happens and it takes several issues.

At one point, though, Nightmare “enters” Doctor Strange…

…Nightmare is excited to be in Dr. Strange’s body.

Remember at the top of this post when I said that Rintrah got hurt? No resolution or development of that plotine.

If this summary of these issues feels random and disconnected, it’s because that’s what the issues were like.  They all kind of tie together, with cliffhangers and all, but if feels like a bunch of ideas all thrown at the wall. It’s not bad, it’s just disjointed.

Side note: Morbius sleeps in a tube.

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