GENERATION X #12-14 (1996): 1st Bulwark, Vincente, and Murmur

The kids go have fun in Boston.

While there, Chamber has lunch with his ex–Gayle Edgerton. We, the readers, know Edgerton is in league with Emplate. By the end of the meal, she’s attacked him.

One by one, team-members get taken by Emplate’s crew, all vampires turned by him, including Vincente, Bulwark and Murmur.

Money is the last one left–and when she returns to the school, Emplate has them all prisoner, and reveals that he is Monet’s brother.

Monet tries to escape, makes a call for help, and is attacked by Bulkwark, one of Emplate’s guys.

Her fight against Bulwark goes on for quite a few pages, but ultimately Leech and Artie save her.

She is nearly defeated by Vincente.

Then Bishop shows up to help.

Having let Monet escape, D.O.A. invites Emplate’s punishment.

Yeah, that’s a kinky sex thing. Most definitely.

Meanwhile, Emplate double-crosses Gayle after she claims Chamber for herself.

He also plans to suck the marrow out of the whole team. Jubilee uses her usual witty repartee to slow him down.

Look! It’s a top 10 list!

She manages to hurt him.

This enables the team to get free. They kick Emplate’s ass.

While Bishop and Monet finish off Murmur.

Murmur is pretty cool.

Before he retreats, Emplate throws some guilt on Penance.

Then he flees.

Chamber and Gayle also make up.

But Synch did manage to convert Synch into one of his vampire slaves. Synch’s power would effectively negate Emplate’s. Emplate sucks energy away, and Synch duplicates the power, which would mean Emplate would suck his own power away. So, he needed to convert Synch. Having done that, he sends Synch out to kill his own family.

It’s mentioned that Emplate hates families.

I’m going to leave this there. It’s a good breaking point between posts.

This continues to be one of the best Marvel books on the market.

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