MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #172-175 (1994): 1st Lunatik 2

This is a different Lunatik from the first one, but he’s still basically Lobo.

Anyway, he starts off killing General Kosrouschah, who appears to have a fascination with S&M gear and blowjobs.

General Kosrouschah will actually return, so don’t think that just because his fleshless skull is bouncing away from his body that he’s actually dead.

Also introduced is Skreet, who will also return in future cosmic stories, and who provides some gratuitous nudity.

Silver Surfer and Lunatik team up to fight a drug lord on a distant planet. Lunatik is hired by Bevis and Butthead, whose own Marvel comic launched in 1994.

That’s not technically a crossover since they’re in a Marvel book.

It’s all pretty standard space stuff–but interesting that it is written and drawn and colored by Lovern Kindzierski, who is a well known colorist, with co-credits to Giffen.

This multi-part story ends in #175, which also marks the end of Marvel Comics Presents.

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