Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6-7 (1986): Thanksgiving

Steve Englehart sure likes to celebrate holidays.  Last issue was Halloween, now Thanksgiving.  And the guest list runs deep, including Wanda’s daddy, Magneto.

Of course, the party gets crashed…

\And, of course, that’s not the real Brotherhood.  We know this because Magneto and Quicksilver are at the party.  No, they’re all robots except Toad, who brought them to crash the party and kill all the heroes.

One major problem with this issue is that the heroes vastly outnumber the villains, and the villains are just robots, so this fight should have lasted maybe four panels.

After the robots are defeated, Vision chases Toad to his base of operations, which is a spaceship Toad got from The Stranger, whom he has been working with for several years.  Toad ejects him from the craft, and sends him hurtling back towards Earth, which causes him to catch fire—like the original, android Human Torch whose frame he now occupies in his synthezoid form.

Englehart spent a lot of time reconciling Vision’s past and present, and so this is a nice touch.

It ends with a Popeye reference.

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