AVENGERS #12/#427 (1998)

You may recall that Vision lost his personality a while back, and in so doing lost his wife.  Now, she’s digging the reborn Wonder Man…

…because, after all, he and Vision have the same memories–Vision was patterned after Simon Williams.  Simon is like a little brother…

…While Vision is moody and seems to have dissonance around not being with Wanda anymore.

wanda and vision

Even though he’s the one who broke up with her.

Busiek does a good job at gradually reintroducing this old, familiar love triangle.

Vision acts as if Wanda and Simon’s relationship doesn’t make him uncomfortable, but Wanda’s intuition tells her otherwise.

Hawkeye recently assisted the fugitive Thunderbolts crew, and the team want to know if Clint is still a hero or if he’s gone back to being a villain.

He quits.

The Avengers and Thunderbolts clash and then band together to fight off a sentient supercomputer.

The afore-mentioned love triangle becomes apparent during the battle.

After the team up, Cap agrees to let the Thunderbolts–and Clint–go, despite the team being wanted by the law.

avengers 427

Clint makes himself untraceable, which irks Cap. Hawkeye and Cap have been at it since they first were on the team together way back in the earliest issues of Avengers volume one. Busiek’s love for the history of Marvel is just one of many things that makes this such a fun series.

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