X-MEN UNLIMITED #15 (1997)

1997 was the year of Maverick. He got his own series, and he got a team-up with Wolverine.

Chris Bradley, a mutant affiliated with the X-Men, is attacked by the anti-mutant bigots “Friends of Humanity.” That’s happening everywhere in 1997, by the way.

Bradley has to go on the run, and gets help from his buddy Maverick, and then, with Iceman and Wolverine, they fight back.

Then Maverick–who has ties to various black-op organizations–gives Chris Bradley a new identity. Bradley is a regular in Maverick’s own series.

There’s no real reason this couldn’t have been part of his solo series, by the way, and and having a Wolverine on the cover probably would have boosted his sales. Maverick’s series was pretty good–and for 1997, pretty good is VERY good.

This comic also has a love chart…

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