The big two’s two biggest badasses team up. And this time it’s better because it’s the real Batman. And because it has John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson on the art.

From the jump, the two characters fight–Batman not wanting Punisher to kill the bad guys. Yeah, Marvel did this with Daredevil (their own Batman analogue) and Spider-Man and…Let’s just say Punisher is used to being kicked in the head by costumed heroes who want to stop killing.

The story picks up right after the last cross-over, and Punisher immediately recognizes that this Batman is different. More skilled.

Funny that Pun calls Batman a headcase. Pot kettle black anyone?

Jigsaw and Joker are back, too. And Microchip hacks the batcave computer, drawing attention from Robin.

And in the end…

The heroes win, of course.

There’s a dedication in the end to Ross Andru, Punisher’s co-creator and the artist on the first DC/Marvel crossover.


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