X-MEN PRIME (1995): Back After Apocalypse; 1st Holocaust, Marrow and 1st Dark Beast, Sugar Man in 616

X-Men Prime was a one-shot that bridged readers back from the AoA event into the “normal” 616 mutantverse. It reconstructs and launches the main storylines, with a ton of artists supporting architects Fabian Nicieza and Scott Lobdell.

The only one who seems to remember AoA is Bishop, and that’s because he was actually in it. The rest of them were blinked out of existence. But even for Bishop, the event is a dreamlike memory–although it feels real enough to him that it makes him attack Cyclops for crimes against the “High Lord.” As for all the storylines:

  • Mystique gets knocked out by a mystery figure while sabotaging a Sentinels factory. The figure will turn out to be Hound, a mutant in the service of the mutant-hating new organization, Humanity’s Last Stand.
  • Marrow debuts (above), as does Holocaust (below) (who is found in space ice by some Acolytes)

  • Dark Beast and X-Men, both from AoA, are revealed to be in the 616. We’re told Dark Beast engineered the original Morlocks team, and has been lurking in the 616 for years.

X-Man arrives through a “temporal rift.” Professor X senses his arrival.

  • The Legacy Virus is still infecting people
  • Sunfire joins X-Force
  • Excalibur finds Sugar Man (also from AoA) in Genosha, who also has been in the 616 for decades.

From here, we’re about to jump into another huge, linewide, gamechanging event: Onslaught.

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