Silver Surfer Annual #5 (1992): Pin-Ups only

Silver Surfer Annual #5 was part of a 4-part “Return of the Defenders” event. You can find it here. This post just has the pin-up gallery, which I’ve included here because it’s pretty damn stellar. (Pun intended.). It has several artists who I would list as top ten-or-twenty of all time.

Big John Buscema!

Jim Lee.

Rick Leonardi–I really don’t understand why his work is not better remembered and beloved.

Jim Starlin and Terry Austin! Jim Starlin is one of my top ten all-time creators (writer and artist). I don’t usually tag inkers on this site, but Terry Austin is world class. The only inker I have greater respect for is Klaus Janson.

Kirkowood Studio. How did this get in here? It’s a good drawing, though.

Wow. Two page spread by Bob Wiacek (another great inker) over Surfer regular artist Ron Lim. I’m thinking this was an unused wraparound or variant cover.

2 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Annual #5 (1992): Pin-Ups only”

  1. Extra snaps to all ‘Surfer’ artist- especially ‘Big’ John Buscema, who allegedly went on public record as stating that he thinks superheroes are the “dumbest things ( he’s ) ever heard of- for drawing admittedly-stylish shorts onto the Surfer. They just make him look better, give him more dignity, and I am for-certain that Galactus just has a sense of style. Look at all the snazzy outfits he created for all his subsequent Heralds, especially Nova. ( the one he was sweet on ) And yes, Mr. Ekko, I totally agree with you- the incredible Klaus Janson is to comic-book inkers what Michael Jordan is to basketball- the GOAT!!


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