AVENGERS #128 (1974)

I post this picture just because it’s creepy: 

necrodamus black pussy cat

Necrodamus was the villain in the first issue of The Defenders.

The creative team of The Defenders is now hitting its groove on The Avengers, by which I mean it’s getting weird.  And if you want to get weird with the A team, you focus on Scarlet Witch.

The gnarled nailed hands in the panel above belong to Agatha Harkness. 

At this time, she is best known as the Fantastic Four’s nanny and one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials. She was teaching Wanda how to control her mutant “magic” powers.  See, originally Wanda’s power was described as changing reality/probability.  Here, we learn that this ability is at least similar to magic in how it is controlled and manifested by the user.  So, finally, she actually was becoming a witch.

Necrodamus attacks.

Agatha tries her best, but Wanda defeats Necrodamus in this issue. With bricks to the face.

By the way, Necrodamus needs souls so he can transform from the shriveled little dude at the top of this post to this:

Meanwhile, Mantis tries to woo Vision, sensing that he has the hots for Scarlet Witch.  Vision gives her the “let’s be friends” treatment.

The Fantastic Four appear in this issue, as it takes place right after FF #150.

And, at the very end, Kang shows up as a prologue to next issue.

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