SHE-HULK #7-8 (1980)

Look at that cover by Michael Golden!

Very strange couple of issues. It starts with Richard Rory—a side character from Man-Thing—at a casino and winning half a million dollars. He walks outside with a Vegas showgirl who is happy to help Rory spend his new money. He decides to invest in some property in the Everglades (isn’t that the start of an old joke?) and hires Jennifer Walters to help with the due diligence.

Another lame battle cry for She-Hulk. Marvel is really trying to give her a “Hulk Smash!” of her own, but it’s not working.

Anyway, from there she actually does fight an alligator.

Usually, it’s Man-Thing fighting alligators, but not this time.

Along the way, Shulk gets kidnapped by a mad scientist who puts her in a tube.

At that point, she and Man-Thing team up and clear the swamp of bad guys.

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