Marvel Graphic Novel #27: Avengers: Emperor Doom (1987): Purple Man “dies”

Doctor Doom conquers Earth and turns it into a utopia using Purple Man as his weapon, with Prince Namor helping him along the way. 

It’s worth reemphasiing that Doom is immune to Purple Man’s mind control:

Lots of major and minor heroes appear in this jam-packed story—as do some major political leaders.

When Cap is assembling the strike team, he provides a backhanded compliment to Hawkeye…

And in return, Hawkeye insults his own wife, Mockingbird.

Lots of fun.  Not sure it’s canon, though.

It ends with Doom being bored of being king and quietly stepping down. Also with an undersea hideout being flooded with Purple Man trapped inside, so he appears to be dead at the end.

But no, of course he’s not.

David Michelinie and Bob Hall did the work, “based on a concept” by Mark Gruenwald, David Michelinie, and Jim Shooter

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