Nova #1 (1994)

Nova gets his own book in the 1990s, and I guess that means he has to have massive muscles, long hair, and a five o’clock shadow.  The kid from New Warriors is growing up. He feels like he’s 100 years old.

He tackles some street-level criminals, we get an overview of his history, and the Shi’ar sic Gladiator on him.

Nova got a power-boost in the pages of New Warriors, so this fight sequence seems largely designed to let us readers know that Nova is a true force now.

The big reveal is that the Shi’ar were acting on a request from the Adora the Queen of Xandar (in her final appearance, I believe). As queen of the planet that houses the Nova Force, Adora wanted to be sure Rich was worthy of being Nova.

So, not much of a “point” to all this, but it’s a fair first issue that introduces readers to the character and establishes a bunch of “secret identity” plot points.  And there’s a fun knock-down, drag-out fight that spans about 20% of the entire book.

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